100 year old history in 2020

Almost 100 year old archive by Dāvis Spunde and Krauklis family is being warmly welcomed this year. Shortlisted the PhotoBook of the Year by the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Award 2020 as well as the Prix du livre historique 2020 des Rencontres d’Arlesthe book Glass Strenči/ Stikla Strenči is still tickling our publisher's egos;))

Jörg Colberg's Favorite Photobook 2020 at the PhotoEye

[...] the viewer enters what appears to be a very strange world filled with wonder, where the next occurrence of something crazy always is just around the corner (or on the main page).
No serious artist would have been able to come up with any of the pictures. I’m not sure I would want to live in a place such as the one depicted in Glass Strenci, but for sure I want to look at it.  

Dāvis Spunde and Krauklis family are named Latvian Photographers of the year 2020 by Latvian Photography Magazine's FK experts art and photography historian Alise Tifentale and LCCA (The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art) director Solvita Krese. Inese Baranovska (of The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design) points out this year's international succes of the book.