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Andrejs Strokins, «Palladium»

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"Palladium" by Andrejs Strokins is composed of photographs from the found archive.

Author of this archive, the unknown photographer, was working in the Palladium movie theater in soviet Riga starting from 1957, when it was restored after the first fire, untill the second fire, which occured in 1963. During that period of time the Palladium movie theatre was used not only as a cinema, but also as a Сulture House where children morning matinees, chess competitions, choirs and dance groups performances and, of course, the inevitable speeches of political figures regularly took place. The book is introducted with movie critic Vadim Agapov essay about the vanishing culture of collective film watching.

Thankfully, Strokins also brought his own unique sensibility to the edit, often picking the most stubbornly odd pictures, pictures that it would have been all-too easy to reject as failures. Consequently, there is a strong line of somewhat disturbing deadpan humour running through the book. As a counterpoint to what might be seen as “cool” or “weird” it’s a very effective device. The world of Latvian Soviet-era thus becomes a strange theater of the absurd that, for this Western viewer, breaks every expectation it sets up almost immediately.Jörg Colberg

Андрейc Строкинc (Andrejs Strokins) составил «Palladium» из снимков найденного архива неизвестного фотографа, который работал в советской Риге в восстановленном в 1957 году кинотеатре с одноименным названием. В то время кинотеатр не только демонстрировал кино, но и как дома культуры, проводил детские утренники, шахматные турниры, выступления хоров, танцевальных коллективов и конечно же неминуемые выступления партийных деятелей. Выбор снимков, кадровка и монтаж Андрейса подчеркивают курьёзность элементов пропаганды и абсурд происходящих на сцене мероприятий. Исчезнувший опыт, исчезнувшие реалии того времени добавляют еще большей живости и трогательности узнаваемым и сейчас бытовым сценкам.

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