О фотографическом браке, о неуместности вопроса Что такое хорошая фотография? и, конечно, о Рижском Центральном рынке

Мара Брашмане в серии коротких видео в поддержку книги Centrāltirgus серии Public Space, участвовавшей на Латвийской книжной ярмарке 2019 на стенде Riboca.

«Centrāltirgus» by Māra Brašmane is composed of documentary photographs taken at Riga Central market, which is one of Māra’s preferred locations from 1965. Some of the images of the book we did in 2017 were considered defective in the late 1960s. That was the case of this two photos with beautiful halo.

What is a good photo? this question makes Māra laugh.

The Riga Central Market changes through years and it’s typical characters are photographed at different distances that are also signes of changing social mood and normes. Now in 2019 Māra is confused that people are afraid of being photographed. It wasn't always the case.